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"Selling is nothing than making your customer satisfied"

With a history of over 3 decades of business behind it, Royalrahmani has become a house hold name in the field of Electronics. Currently available in 35 countries across the globe, our extensive range of deliverables of many products caters to 360 degree requirements of a household.  Royalrahmani stands as the world’s largest electronics brand portfolio and the only company which covers multiple segments like Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Gadgets and lighting products.  What was started in a humble way has evolved into a huge enterprise with over 3000 employees working in over 10 countries today. Our R&D division complies with every international norm and procedure in quality standards while producing top class products that could be called a judicious combination of Quality and Cost, today we have almost 170 suppliers around the world.  We are duty bound tuned towards introducing products that are consistent in quality, technology, innovation and that provides our customers, value for their investment.  Today we strive not to satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations through a solid after sales service backup, undoubtedly the best in the world. Royalrahmani is a constantly evolving brand experience and its success could be attributed to the long-term vision of its promoters, the trained professionals that are the helm of affairs.


To be the leader in providing of home appliances in Iraq, and to consistently meet and exceed customer satisfaction.


To provide home appliances and electronic appliances that contribute to and support , satisfying of all our customers.


We provide best services, best quality and wailed range of products as well as respect, trust team work commitment excellence and innovation

Our Location:

Address: Karadh, Baghdad, Iraq
Phone: +964 790 317 3230

Address: 40m Street, Erbil, Iraq
Phone: +964 782 459 7308

Address: Alwatan Street, Bassrah, Iraq
Phone: +964 780 999 1972